Results-oriented presentations

2020 program to be announced in January

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  • Forecasting Spare Parts Demand Using Condition Monitoring Information
    University of Pretoria
  • Combining Accelerated Life Testing with Reliability Growth Analysis to Optimize Approval Process
  • How a Medical Device Company Has Developed Its Reliability Program from the Beginning
    Biosystems S.A.
  • Developing Whole Vehicle Durability Tests for an Electric Vehicle
  • E-lng Plant Availability Estimation
    GE Oil & Gas
  • Management of Critical Equipment Reliability Data in Oil & Gas Plants through Digitalization
    Kuwait Oil Company
  • Bayesian Inference in Reliability: What, Why and How?
    SAS Institute
  • Field Failure Analysis – An Important Step in Reducing Maintenance Costs
    Gertron Ltd
  • Challenges and Strategies to Cope With Design for Reliability in First-of-a-kind Megaprojects: From Wishful Thinking to Project Reality
    Fusion for Energy (F4E)
  • A Seamless Tool Chain for Testing and Simulation in Modern Mechanical Engineering Design
    Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH
  • Condition Monitoring System: Approach, Requirements, Challenges and Solutions
    University of Wuppertal
  • Applying Software Reliability Principles in Agile Software Development
    John Deere
  • Early Stage Test Based Durability Assessment of Li-Ion Cells and Batteries
  • Using Predictive Reliability to Size Accelerated Life Testing
  • Reliability and Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems — A proposal of a Holistic Approach to the Problem
    International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security
  • Human Reliability Analysis Methods and Real Case Applications: How to Apply Human Factor in Reliability and Safety Analysis
    Eduardo Calixto Consultant (ECC)
  • Assessment of Manufacturing Process Control from Accelerated Life Tests: Case Study of Automotive Heat Exchangers
    VALEO Thermal Systems
  • Development and Application of Reliability System Model
    John Deere
  • Strategic and Calculated Approach to Optimizing Field OPEX through Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Study
  • Risk Assessment Regarding the Spread of a Failure Symptom in Product Fleets Within the Use Phase: Application of Saturation Models
    University of Wuppertal
  • From Theoretical to Concrete Approach of Reliability on Pet Blowing Machines
  • Fatigue Comes Neural: How Machine Learning Leads to Faster and Better Results a Vibration Fatigue Example
    Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Extension Framework? How to Easily Write and Distribute Your Own Glyphs
    Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Decision Matrix for System Level Versus Component Level Reliability Demonstration Testing
    Baxter International
  • Failure Analysis in Electronics
    Trelic Ltd
  • Prototypes Optimization and Reliability Assessment by the Integration of Multiscale Tests
    Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions SpA
  • How Accelerated Life Testing Can Be Used to Assess Material Reliability in Electrical Distribution
    Schneider Electric
  • Reliability and Safety in IMS Integrated Robotic Manufacturing Systems
    AC&E Consulting
  • Product Lifetime Demonstration for Customer — Learning So Far
  • Reliability Analysis of Rolling Stock Systems in Dynamic Operating Conditions Using Advanced Methods
    RAMS Engineering & Asset Management Consultancy
  • SW Reliability Testing Experience in Digital Mammography
    GE Healthcare
  • Integrating Reliability Engineering Tools into Businesses — Some Lessons Learned
    Wilde Analysis Ltd.