Presenter Responsibilities — Europe 2020

After the completion of the proposal review period, an ARDC representative will contact you at the beginning of December 2019 regarding the status of your submission. If your proposal is selected and you agree to participate in the event as a presenter, we ask for your cooperation with the deadlines and requirements posted here as this page provides a summary of what you can expect.

Accept Your Selection: Please notify ARDC via e-mail no later than December 13, 2019 to accept your selection as a presenter. To avoid the disruptions caused by modifications to the published conference program, please do not agree to participate as a presenter if you are not able to make a firm commitment to comply with the deadlines for submitting presentation materials and deliver your presentation at the event.

Registration: If you are the primary author for a presentation, your complimentary registration will be processed automatically and you will receive confirmation via e-mail in December 2019. Co-authors who plan to attend the event must register separately. All ARDC attendees must make travel and hotel arrangements on their own.

Submit All Required Presentation Materials and Forms: The required templates and forms are posted at the bottom of the panel to the right.

  • Use ARDC PowerPoint Template: All presentations must follow the ARDC PowerPoint template. Please make sure your slide count is appropriate for the time available.
  • Submit Complete Final Draft Only: You must submit a complete final draft of the presentation no later than March 17, 2020. After you submit the file, changes will not be accepted unless requested by ARDC to make the document print-ready.
  • Submit Publication Release Form: Please make sure all of the content in your presentation can be released for publication, and prepare for any approval process necessary within your organization. You must submit the signed publication release no later than March 17, 2020.

At the Conference:

  • Dress Code: Although the general attire at the conference tends to be "business casual," most presenters choose to dress more professionally for their own presentations.
  • PowerPoints are Pre-Loaded: All PowerPoint presentations will be pre-loaded on laptops furnished by the conference. If your presentation requires additional multimedia files, please submit them in advance so we can confirm that they will play correctly at the event.
  • Timing: As a courtesy to attendees and other presenters at the event, we make every effort to follow the published program schedule. Please conclude your prepared remarks with sufficient time to accept questions from the audience before ending the session at the specified time.
  • Questions from the Audience: Please make sure that the audience can hear the questions. You may need to ask audience members to use the second microphone or repeat the questions yourself before answering.

Photo/Video Personal Release for the ARDC Video Proceedings:

By accepting to present at the ARDC, the primary author and any contributing authors who will be sharing the stage understand that ARDC will be videotaping all presentations, including yours, for the creation of the ARDC Video Proceedings. You understand, consent and authorize the Applied Reliability and Durability Conference, and its organizers, to take, edit, use and publish the video/audio of your presentation in the ARDC Video Proceedings. You further understand that at the organizer's discretion, portions of your videotaped presentation, including still images, may be used for promoting these Video Proceedings (e.g., samples) and the conference overall.

There is no time limit on the validity of this release, nor is there any geographic limitation on where the ARDC Video Proceedings may be provided.

You therefore waive any current or future claims against the Applied Reliability and Durability Conference and its organizers, relating to the use of the video of your presentation and release them from any obligations to you with regard to royalties or compensation, editing, alteration, copyright, distribution, privacy and/or publicity.