Call for Papers

“Innovative processes and solutions within the reliability, durability, and asset management community”

  • Discuss real world ideas to increase knowledge in reliability, durability and asset management
  • Discover the impact on product development, risk and safety, asset management
  • Explore challenges encountered and the approach to success
  • Share innovative problem solving techniques and case studies to help extract real world answers to practical challenges
  • Develop a better understanding of evolution in the reliability and durability environment, in order to produce quality results


Results-oriented presentations from leading reliability and durability practitioners are the main focus of every ARDC Live event. We hand-select the best presentations that directly connect attendees to the most current and pressing topics within the reliability and durability community.

Why Present?

At ARDC Live, you have the opportunity to lead a global conversation on the challenges and advancements in the engineering community. We invite practitioners in reliability, durability, quality, maintenance, asset management and related engineering fields to take center stage by presenting.

Become a leader in the community while promoting your organization

Presenters are the highlight of ARDC Live, and their ideas ignite the conversation throughout the conference.

Seize opportunities for personal and professional development

By presenting at ARDC Live, you'll receive essential feedback from the audience, allowing you to strengthen and build upon your ideas.

Enjoy complimentary registration

The primary author of the presentation receives complimentary registration.

We are not currently accepting proposals for the 2022 event. Please subscribe to stay informed about upcoming events.