2022 Discussion Panels

Collaborate with your peers in this open forum

FMEA as a Remaining Centerpiece of Design
Customers are placing increased demands on companies for high quality, reliable products. The increasing capabilities and functionality of many products are making it more difficult for manufacturers to maintain the quality and reliability. Traditionally, reliability has been achieved through extensive testing and use of techniques such as probabilistic reliability modeling. These are techniques done in the late stages of development. The challenge is to design in quality and reliability early in the development cycle.

Challenges and Benefits of Digital Design
During this discussion panel, we will talk about tools and techniques, as well as latest solutions, challenges and benefits of Digital Design. Development cycle time, ROI for simulation, computing infrastructure (cloud, cluster, SaaS) and validation and correlation will be discussed as well.

  • Tools and techniques for Digital Design
    • Using virtual loads from Multi Body Simulations
    • Structural Analysis
    • Vibration Analysis (NVH)
    • Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis
    • Thermo-mechanical Analysis
    • Composites Analysis
  • Solutions, challenges, benefits for Digital Design
    • Development cycle time
    • ROI for simulation
    • Computing infrastructure (cloud, cluster, SaaS)
    • Validation and correlation