ARDC Team Challenge Lab

Pioneering new immersive experience for 2022

In these interactive lab sessions, attendees will collaborate in small teams and innovate their way through a series of reliability and durability engineering tasks. Combining a design challenge with technical, budget, and resource considerations, the team challenge lab is designed to leverage the wealth of experience and knowledge within the ARDC Live conference to deliver success and enhance attendee expertise within reliability and durability engineering.

These all new reliability and durability interactive lab sessions will allow you to:

  • Collaborate with attendees on ideas, experience and innovative solutions
  • Harvest new and creative ways of approaching and solving traditional and advanced reliability and durability challenges
  • Share in the wealth of experience and perspectives of fellow attendees to broaden horizons, validate your existing thought processes, and innovate new techniques
  • Gain mastery through hands-on use of application-based tools, theory, and techniques
  • Experience multiple aspects and considerations of a comprehensive reliability and durability process from design to delivery and after sales support
  • Bring your specific challenges and experiences and leave with tailored solutions and enhanced personal skill sets