Results-oriented presentations

2020 program to be announced in Q1 2020

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  • Forecasting Reliability: Wrong or Lucky?
    General Electric Co.
  • The Anatomy of a Well-Planned Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Analysis
  • Design for Reliability within an Agile Product Development
  • Analysis of Connected Vehicle Data
    HBM Prenscia
  • Field Failure Analysis – An Important Step in Reducing Maintenance Costs
    Gertron Ltd
  • Maintaining Reliability with Safety
    CNH Industrial America LLC
  • Culture Shock
  • Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities in Reliability Engineering
    HBM Prenscia
  • The Benefits and Challenges of Using Big Data to Ensure Product Durability
    HBM Prenscia
  • Warranty Data Maturity Patterns: Knowing When Your Data is Ready
  • SAE J3168 A New Standard for Reliability Physics Analysis (RPA) of Electronic Equipment, Modules and Components Using Computer Aided Engineering Durability Simulation
    ANSYS DfR Solutions
  • Spare Part Philosophy Review Study for Critical Compressors which Can Limit Plant Processing Capacity
    Saudi Aramco
  • Cost and Consumption Comparison Analysis Tool
    Avangrid Renewables
  • Automotive Warranty Analysis and Feedback to the Design and Manufacturing
    Dare Auto Inc.
  • A Seamless Tool Chain for Testing and Simulation in Modern Mechanical Engineering Design
  • The Impact of Electric Power Reliability and Quality on Advanced Automated Industrial Systems and Data Centers
    SD Myers
  • Workshop: Available Tools and Application of a Successful DFR Process
    HBM Prenscia
  • Workshop: Fatigue From Strain Measurements
    HBM Prenscia
  • A Strategy for Design Reliability and Robustness within a Complete Product Life Cycle Model
  • Accelerated Life Test to Failure: One Set of Simple Test – Numerous Reliability/Durability Demonstrations
    John Deere
  • System Life and Reliability Testing Design Optimization
  • Analysis of Regression Methods for Left Truncated and Right Censored Data for a Weibull Distribution
    Enbridge Gas
  • Reliability Goal Prediction and Accelerated Bench Test Verification of a New Product
  • A Holistic Framework to Drive Asset Planning and Performance
    HBM Prenscia
  • Design for Reliability and Durability with High Return on Investment